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ATM Locations

HNB now has five convenient locations to make getting cash after hours and on the weekends as easy as pushing a button..

Downtown Branch

302 Cherry St., Helena (available 24 hrs.)

West Helena Branch

942 Hwy 49 West, West Helena (available 24 hrs.)

Marvell Branch

1025 Hwy 49, Marvell (available 24 hrs.)

Marion Branch

2770 Hwy 77 South, Marion (available 24 hrs.)

Wynne Branch

1812 North Falls Blvd, Wynne (available 24 hrs.)

Digital Banking

HNB offers online & mobile banking services.

Android App
iPhone App
Online Banking



HNB gives our customers complimentary access anytime, anywhere to their accounts!

By calling our toll free number, you can get the information you need about your HNB accounts, day or night, in town or out. If you want to know whether a check has cleared or what your current balance is, just call the MoneyLine number. You can also get information about savings accounts and loans. If you’re away from your PC, use your phone to access your HNB accounts.


You may also use MoneyLine to transfer funds between your HNB accounts. This works wonderfully in conjunction with your HNB VISA Check Card. Before you use your card, you can verify your available funds and transfer from savings to replenish the VISA Check Card account. You can also make your HNB Loan Payment via MoneyLine by transfer of the payment amount from any designated HNB account. Come in and sign up today for the MoneyLine transfer service.


VISA® Debit Card

Check writing just got a lot easier.

With HNB’s new debit card, check writing has just become a lot easier. Accepted wherever VISA is, purchases come directly out of your HNB checking account, with no interest charges added. HNB’s VISA Check Card also replaces your ATM card, so you’ll have less to keep up with. You get a receipt with every transaction along with a report of all Check Card transactions on your monthly checking account statement.

You can also set up text and email alerts for notification of transactions conducted with your debit card. Contact HNB today to sign up for alerts.

Protect your VISA card online with a personal Password.

Verified by VISA protects your existing VISA card with a personal password, giving you reassurance that only you can use your VISA card online.

visa verified

To report a lost or stolen debit card call 1-800-264-4274