Helena National Bank gives our customers complimentary access anytime, anywhere to their accounts!

By calling our toll free number, you can get the information you need about your HNB accounts, day or night, in town or out. If you want to know whether a check has cleared or what your current balance is, just call the MoneyLine number. You can also get information about savings accounts and loans. If you're away from your PC, use your phone to access your HNB accounts.


You may also use MoneyLine to transfer funds between your HNB accounts. This works wonderfully in conjunction with your HNB VISA Check Card. Before you use your card, you can verify your available funds and transfer from savings to replenish the VISA Check Card account. You can also make your HNB Loan Payment via MoneyLine by transfer of the payment amount from any designated HNB account. Come in and sign up today for the MoneyLine transfer service.